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Riverside Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being charged with any criminal offense is a nightmare. The entire process can be frustrating, confusing, embarrassing and most importantly scary because with any criminal charge comes the possibility of jail time. This is especially true in California, where the Three Strikes’ Law continues to exist, punishments for gang and firearm enhancements are higher than ever before, and many of our laws, including criminal possession of controlled substances and marijuana, are rapidly changing. If you are charged with a criminal offense in California, you need an attorney in your corner who has a superior knowledge of the law, the court process, and will spend the necessary time to talk to you about your specific case, possible defenses, and all the options that are available.

John M. Dorr is that attorney. Mr. Dorr has over twelve years of criminal law experience defending persons accused of crimes ranging from drunk in public to capital murder. He has helped hundreds of clients get great outcomes in their cases, including getting several life cases dismissed or reduced.

Mr. Dorr has represented clients charged with misdemeanors such as petty theft, driving under the influence, possession of drugs, assault, domestic violence and abuse, receiving stolen property, criminal threats, and burglary. He has represented clients charged with felonies such as burglary, assault, robbery, kidnapping, criminal threats, home invasion robbery, domestic violence and abuse, attempted murder, murder, and capital murder. Many of these cases involved enhancements and allegations for firearms, gang benefit and affiliation, prior prison term commitments and strike priors.

No case is too big and no case is too small. In every one of his cases, Mr. Dorr takes the time to discuss the facts of the case with his client and then uses his knowledge and experience to get his client the best possible outcome.

Come in today for a free consultation and discover why so many clients have chosen Mr. Dorr as their criminal defense attorney.

  • "My name is William J Beddingfield Jr. I spent 14 years in the United States Marine Corps. I rarely speak highly of people. However, I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting someone with integrity and honesty and the ability to hold to his word even when times got rough..."

    - William J Beddingfield Jr.
  • "Attorney John was recommended by a good friend of mine. I couldn't be more grateful to her and him. I needed his assistance with a DUI case. He answered all my questions, he did not make any promises he couldn't keep..."

    - Mariana C.
  • Attorney John Dorr
    John Dorr

    John Matthew Dorr is an accomplished and dedicated attorney who has spent his entire career defending and protecting the accused. Having represented clients in criminal cases ranging from simple drug possession and DUI to the Death Penalty, Mr. Dorr has the ability, experience, and knowledge to assist you in any criminal matter.

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