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"My name is William J Beddingfield Jr. I spent 14 years in the United States Marine Corps. I rarely speak highly of people because most of them disappoint me in a professional manner. However, I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting someone with integrity and honesty and the ability to hold to his word even when times got rough. That gentleman's name is John Dorr. I preach that the Latin word for attorneys is liar, and he made me rethink that thought. He is a guy who promised to do one thing for me and ended up doing that one thing he had to do and about 20 others. He appeared every time and showed up every time and regardless of the amount that we had agreed on, he didn't change it. I respect that.

John Dorr has impressed me to a level that I wanted him, and still do want him, to handle a civil case. His hard work and dedication and determination makes me believe that he can do a job that he doesn't even believe that he can do whether it's for a lack of ability or a lack of confidence in himself. I have placed full confidence in him and would not hesitate to call him if I needed assistance in any legal matter. He would be the first one I would turn to. Thank you John Dorr"

"Attorney John was recommended by a good friend of mine. I couldn't be more grateful to her and him. I needed his assistance with a DUI case. He answered all my questions, he did not make any promises he couldn't keep. He was up front with all the pros and cons on the case. He worked my case and I was very satisfied with my results.

I did not hesitate to call him when another situation arose. I needed him on a Friday night and he was there, he picked up the phone without hesitation and he assisted me. If you need a criminal attorney I highly recommend him. Thanks John for all your help!

Did I also mention his prices are awesome...!!"